How to write the NAND memoryΒΆ

This section will explain how to transfer the data from the sd card to the Pengwyn board flash memory.

  Host    select
tar -jxf pengwyn-tools.tar.bz2 -C /home/architech/Desktop

Here you can find the tool

Follow these steps:

  • Insert the already prepared SD card in the Pengwyn board socket
  • Reset the board by means of button S1
  • Press any key when U-Boot says Hit any key to stop autoboot
  • Erase and upload the FLASH memory with the commands
  Board    select
nand erase.chip
run nandupdate
  • Wait until the NAND write completes, than restart the board with the command
  Board    select
  • Wait until U-Boot and Linux initialize the system, than insert root as login when required (there is no password)
  • Create the flash file system with the automated script:
  Board    select
  • When UBIFS is unmounted, shutdown linux with the command:
  Board    select
shutdown -h now
  • When the system has been halted, remove the SD card, insert the jumper in J1 and reset the board with button S1.

The system will now restart from NAND flash with the new operating system.